Companionship :

1. I feel safe in your presence

2. I feel unconditionally loved by you

3. I feel loving towards you

4. I trust you
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Mission Statement
"To provide individuals with special needs and/or aged with community living by offering an environment where
the person feels safe and builds connections with others. We believe in establishing a deep sense of
community and companionship with those we serve to be the foundation of meaningful lives."

These are the pillars we use to connect to our friends to build this great relationship.

Redwood Inc.

Welcome to  Redwood, a family run business, specializing in providing quality care for individuals of all ages who have intellectual or physical disabilities and/or aged.  We provide a wholesome family environment and a pleasant alternative to a nursing home. Our homes are barrier free in order to assist a person with physical disabilities. Our trained staff  members provide twenty four hour care in group homes, apartments (personal residents) and Assisted Living Homes. Redwood believes in dignity and respect for all people.

Redwood Incorporated is a nonprofit Organization (501(c) 3), established in 1989 to provide community based services to individuals with special needs and/or aged. We take pride in the services we provide and strive to be the best. You comments and ideas are always appreciated. If you have any further questions about our company, please feel free to contact us below.

Thank You,
Redwood Inc & Staff

Providing an Alternative Living Style, with roots deep in the Community